Melbourne 4 Day Masterbrew Brewing Course

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9.5 hours x 4 Days
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Melbourne 4 Day Masterbrew Brewing Course

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N.B. (This course is recommended for those with a good grasp of the fundamentals of brewing at home.

If you have not brewed before it is recommended that you also complete the one day Essentials course first)

Learn about the 8 secrets to making great, consistent beer. 

This course will turn you from an ordinary brewer to an exceptional one, even if you have been brewing for some time. Dispell the 13 myths that abound in homebrewing and learn how to put all the pieces together to get the right brewing outcome. 

By doing this course you will gain the 4 steps to becoming competent in brewing great beer by;

  • becoming confident in brewing at home and taking the next step to becoming a microbrewer
  • having one of those rare Ah Ha moments where the penny drops and understanding the jigsaw of brewing
  • appreciating the real effect of what and how to store and use raw materials properly
  • understanding why a well designed brewery is soooo.. important
The 4 day courses covers 14 major areas in brewing;
  • Malts, Hops, yeast, and water. How they can affect flavour
  • How to choose your yeast, and the flavours they impart
  • The design of different styles of beer (actual calculation of a recipe from scratch)
  • The right conditions of mashing. Do we need to know why?
  • Ale brewing versus lager brewing
  • Practical brewing using a modern microbrewing plant (500L).
  • Why filter beer and we show you how (Demonstration)
  • Fermentation principles and variuos problems that can arise
  • Filtration and "stabilisation" of beer
  • Carbonation and Kegging (Demonstration)
  • Analyses of beer- why bother?
  • Bottling of beer (demonstration)
  • Learn how to taste beer and find faults and how to rectify them
  • Learn why most homebrewers don't have what it takes to be successful in Craft brewing but how you can be.

Silver Lining VIP group enrollment (for 2 or more students ONLY)

each student receives the following bonuses;

  1. Entitlement to 5% discount for each person for setting up group booking
  2. free 1/2 hour brewer advice on homebrewing/microbrewing ($100)
Could you take a moment to reflect and think about why you want to do this course?In your brewing what are your main problems or concerns? What are you trying to accomplish? What is your level of knowledge or experience about brewing you have?Once you have written them down then, if you wish, send the answers to me and I will endeavour to make sure you get a solid reply to them. In any case bring them with you to the course and we will discuss them there.Email me at vince@costanzobrewing.com GIFT  Vouchers: After purchasing this ticket please redeem voucher before attendance so we will be notified of your participation or you may miss out on a seat!
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What you will learn
  • The jigsaw of brewing great beer revealed
  • Dispel the 13 myths of brewing beer
  • We're about making consistent beer. Learn the 8 secrets to making it from malt grain
What you will get
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Free entry to Mountain Goat Brewery tour
  • Free entry to a local craft brewery for watching a full Brew Day
  • Course notes included.
  • Do you have a WeTeachMe coupon? IMPORTANT: When booking, please only select "Normal" ticket to redeem your exclusive discount. Code is INVALID on all other ticket types.
  • Lunch/tea/coffee

What to bring
  • Pen and pad
  • covered leather footwear for brewday/hop tour
  • one bottle of homebrew for free assessment (optional)
What to wear

Casual. Bring leather boots for Brewday and Hop tour

Appropriate for

18 years and older

Cancellation & Refund Policy

No refunds or part thereof are available for non-attendance or cancellation of any of the classes. 

However, in the event that a student has legitimate reason to discontinue the course (medical, family emergency etc.) the student needs to provide appropriate certification, and agreement reached between CBC and the student on an appropriate refund. Full refunds are not available and a maximum of 50% refund may be applicable.

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Terms & Conditions

No refunds or part thereof are available for non-attendance of any of the classes. 

However, in the event that a student has legitimate reason to discontinue the course (medical, family emergency etc.) the student needs to provide appropriate certification, and agreement reached between CBC and the student on an appropriate refund. Full refunds are  not available.

There is no assessment for short courses and no prior knowledge requirement to enrol. It is, however, recommended that you have had some prior exposure to home brewing of some sort.


 Every reasonable effort will be made to make the course sites safe, emergency procedures provided and safety procedures explained at commencement of the course. No responsibility for accidents or injury will be taken by CBC or the venue operators.

While attempts have been made to verify information provided in the courses, neither the author nor the publisher assumes any responsibility for errors, omissions or contrary interpretation of the subject matter therein.

 The reader of the materials assumes responsibility for the use of these materials and information. Adherence to all laws and regulations, federal, state and local, governing professional licensing, business practices, advertising and all other aspects of doing business in Australia , or any other jurisdiction, is the sole responsibility of the purchaser or reader of this course material. The author or publisher assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever on behalf of any purchaser or reader of these materials. We do not guarantee any results you may or may not get as a result of following our recommendations. It is your responsibility to test every strategy for yourself. 

The enrolment in any course signifies that you have read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions contained herewith. 

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07 October 2018 • Melbourne 4 Day Masterbrew Brewing Course

Great course, Vince is amazingly knowledgeable about everything to do with brewing from home brewing to micro brewing. He answered all my questions, plus many I hadn't even thought of. Highly recommended course.


30 May 2018 • Melbourne 4 Day Masterbrew Brewing Course

If you are thinking about brewing beer and want to do it the right way, then you must do this course. I have a back ground in wine making and I wish they had a course about wine making as good as what Vince conveyed over 4 days. The course was packed solid with absolute gems of information and I walked away incredibly confident that I knew exactly how to make excellent brews, not once, but consistently every time. Good job Vince and I look forward to buying your book when you get around to writing it !


14 May 2018 • Melbourne 4 Day Masterbrew Brewing Course

Fantastic course and I learnt a lot about all the things I have been doing wrong with my brewing. Vince focusses on all the one percenters to improve your skills and ultimately your beer. Highly recommended.

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